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& Concrete mixes production

The concrete of the company is certified by "RESEARCH CONSTRUCTION INSTITUTE - NISI" EOOD with certificate of conformity No. 07-NCISOCSP-09.18A and meet the requirements of standards BDS EN206: 2013 + A1: 2016 and BDS EN 206: 2013 + A1 Date: 2016 / NA: 2017

The concrete base has a capacity of 50 m3 / h and 150 m3 / h are fully automated for precise dosing of aggregates, cement and additives.

Concrete mixtures produced:
Concrete class С8/10
Concrete class С12/15
Concrete class C16/20
Concrete class C20/25
Concrete class C25/30
Concrete class C30/37
Concrete class C35/45
Stucco М 10
Stucco М 15
Stucco М 20
Stucco М 30
Fibers - metal and polypropylene
Anti-freeze additives, slow tightening and watertight additives
Employees only