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DLV-SI Ltd. and DLV Ltd. develop and finance their own projects, including complex design, construction and realization of residential and administrative buildings, as well as the implementation of investment projects and intentions of their clients.
Both companies have many years of experience in the execution of the rough construction of buildings and specialized units for finishing works, whose professionalism and quality of work satisfy even the highest requirements of their clients. The optimum ratio of high quality and price, as well as the short lead times are due to the possibility of DLV-SI Ltd. and DLV EOOD to offer full security and reliable service with trucks and construction machinery used in the various stages of construction, own production of aggregates, concrete and concrete mixes, a team of highly qualified specialists and a selection of quality construction materials. In this way, the necessary quality of the final product is achieved, which is extremely important for housing. Proper implementation of the sites is also guaranteed by the strictly structured structure for interaction between the individual specialists working in the company and the close contact and constant dialogue with investors and end clients. Increased quality control of both the activities performed and the input materials is guaranteed.
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